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BioScien Research Pvt Ltd., a global, full-service Contract Research Organization (CRO), our approach to clinical research is more practical. We deliver a level of collaboration and flexibility for a possible traditional CRO environment, with an emphasis on personalized services and solutions, regulatory expertise, and therapeutic leadership. Our mission is to improve the way clinical research is performed in major therapeutic areas including oncology disease, gastroenterology, nephrology, and women’s health. BioScien strives to impact the future of drug development and health care by combining the most advanced information technology with a challenge accepted approach.

Outsourcing your projects to BioScien, saves critical time in the trial and development phase. Working with a BioScien to conduct a trial often significantly reduces the time it takes compared to completing the trial in-house. BioScien have already set up with all of the necessary tools and resources needed as well as a team of in-house experts who are experienced in all areas of clinical testing, development, and compliance.

There are significant cost savings working with BioScien. A faster trial process alone offers medical institutions a reduction in costs. There are also financial savings in each long-term purchase an entity would incur in order to run sufficient research trials. Full-time staff and medical facilities are costly year-round, especially when they are not needed during all parts of the year.

Working with BioScien gives hiring companies access to the most advanced technology and systems for data management, product development, research analysis, and other clinical research services. Clinical research is a rapidly changing industry. It is essential that software and hardware IT capabilities, as well as Internet-based applications, are the best in the industry to facilitate the acceleration of clinical trials while maintaining comprehensive quality control.

At BioScien, we know that client budgets and project objectives vary. Therefore, our software and hardware IT capabilities are designed with an eye toward scalability. This enables us to provide options best suiting our clients’ clinical data and information processing needs.