Medical Writing

BioScien, Medical Writing is an integral part of clinical research and our team of specialist medical writers deliver accurate, timely, and cost-effective clinical and regulatory documents to the highest quality and scientific standards.

Our medical writers become an extension of your team by being responsive and flexible to your needs, using our expertise to transform your complex and diverse data into an accurate and evidence-based account of the clinical profile of your drug in relation to treatment and patient safety.

We have a wide breadth of knowledge and experience drawn from the pharmaceutical industry, clinical research organizations, and academia. All documents produced by BioScien undergo thorough scientific, statistical, editorial and quality control review.

We provide you with:

  • A wide scope of rigorous medical writing services, dedicated to a single document or part of a full clinical-trial program
  • Flexible and broad experience in using client templates, style guides and tailored requirements
  • Our own ICH-complaint templates in absence of a client template
  • An experienced mediator of an interdisciplinary team to ensure delivery of documents that meet scientific quality standards and are compliant with ICH, regulatory standards and your own requirements
  • Timely delivery of high-quality documents, ensuring accuracy and clarity through full quality control against source documents
  • Broad experience arranging study documents, ensuring they are well-written, clear, unambiguous, and navigable, reducing review time and satisfying the expectations of the entire clinical research team
  • Highly qualified writers who have broad experience with the whole spectrum of medical communications and regulatory documents, as well as an array of therapeutic areas

We offer you expertise in medical writing. Our medical writing team can develop and write the following types of documents:

  • Clinical study reports
  • Clinical trial protocol (CTP)
  • Investigator brochure (IB)
  • Efficacy and safety summaries
  • Clinical overviews
  • Publications, abstracts, posters and PowerPoint presentations
  • Narrative writing