Android And IOS Apps

As the use of mobile phones has become widespread and common, the demand for mobile apps has risen. Mobile apps give the user the flexibility to access and use the application from anywhere, anytime. The flexibility it offers is unparalleled.

To be relevant in the market, presence on mobile app is absolutely essential as customers are now on-the-go.

To begin this process to develop a cutting-edge mobile app, we go through a rigorous process to understand your business needs and your target audience. Then, we start conceptualizing the app as it’s going to be. Then, move on to the design, development, deployment and post-launch maintenance.

Android Application Development

BioScien is a leading android & iOS app development company. We help businesses develop their native apps to keep them above their competition, at all times. We’ve built, supported and maintained approximately 50 apps so far.

Our android engineers are fluent with native programming languages such as C, HTML, C++, Kotlin, Java, and CSS. With frameworks that use the latest and greatest technology till a team that’s efficient we have a record of deploying apps on time, sometimes ahead. Our dedicated Android team has helped disruptive start-ups and large enterprises with their app needs.

Additionally, our developers are skilled in Android OS, JSON, Android Software Development (SDK), Mobile Payments, NFC integration & Geo-fencing, Android Security Architecture and APIs.

Our tools range from Phone Gap to Appcelerator Titanium till Xamarin, MonoCross and more…the list is endless

Some of the projects we’ve worked on are:

  • Custom apps: This is where the unique factor comes in. The app is built from scratch and is made to all your needs and use cases. This helps you build a niche in the market for your app.
  • Enterprise apps: Here we build for scale and ease of use. Given that your organisation may start small but has the potential to grow – we build apps that can handle that. These apps are built around your exact employee needs and are custom to you. These can be anything from attendance management to your own chatting application.
  • Game development: Who doesn’t love games? We have created a bunch of games for all age groups! Here, our game developers have picked up on optimizing the build, back and front end for efficiency and likeability.

With Google’s flexibility options, the app has the potential to be as creative as you want it to be.

iOS Application Development

With Apple app requirements stretching from mobiles till iPads – the range of apps we deliver is just as broad.

We are a company focused on building apps for Apple that are smoothly available on the app store. With Apple being very stringent on rules that apps much follow, we are always educated on what the update is.

Our apps are built to be used on all sort of Apple mobile devices with special integrations like Touch ID, Apple on and so forth.

Our dedicated iOS team has helped disruptive startups and large enterprises with their app needs on Iphone and iPad.

We build and code on Iphone SDK guidelines which are given to us by Apple, further, we understand app store management and marketing – making sure your app is seen, used and loved!

With Apple, getting on the app store after approvals is a must-have, there’s no debate! Therefore, when and while we build, we constantly check the updated guidelines to ensure that there’s no fault in design or development. This ensures that within a week of us giving you the app, you’re set to launch and get your first customer.

The languages that we commonly use are Objective-C and Swift along with frameworks such as Cocoa Touch, Xcode IDE, Cocos2D and of course, the native SDK. The platforms we’ve built for are MAC OS Maverick and Yosemite.