Global Project Outsourcing

Advantage in outsourcing your projects to BioScien, we only hire team for our company made up of researchers and experts to conduct comprehensive and complex medical research so that the hiring team does have staff experts in-house, or to maintain the required infrastructure and office space. This enables the client to receive expert medical team while also saving both time and money.

Outsource your project and get reduce the cost of research and development, drug companies are increasingly outsourcing their medical responsibilities to alleviate the growing and ongoing cost of maintaining medical facilities and full-time staff year-round

BioScien conduct clinical trials and provide skilled and experience human resource support services for biotechnology, medical device, CRO’s and pharmaceutical industries, as well as universities, government organizations, and foundations.

BioScien able to provide a wide range of clinical research services to medical sponsors, including, but not limited to:

Project Management

  • Procedures and Logistics
  • Resource Allocation Management

Data Management

  • Database Design
  • Data Entry and Validation
  • Database Maintenance and Archival
  • Security Procedures

Clinical Study Management

  • Site Recruitment
  • Patient Recruitment
  • Study Monitoring
  • Site Management

Research Compliance

  • Audits/FDA inspection support

Research Education

  • Clinical SOP Development
  • GCP Seminars

Medicine and Disease Coding

Validation Programming

Product Development Planning

  • Market Assessments
  • Market Research
  • Strategic Planning Consultation
  • Medical Product Registration

Product Commercialization

  • Market Research
  • Product Launch
  • Product Marketing
  • Product Sales

Safety and Efficacy Summaries

Quality Reporting


  • CRF review
  • Statistical Methodology Consultation
  • Statistical Analysis Plan Development

Statistical Analysis Reports

Final Study Reports

Medical Writing

  • Clinical Study Protocol Documents
  • Instructions for Use
  • Manuscripts
  • Posters
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • White Papers

Time Savings

Cost Savings

Advanced Technological Needs

Evolving and Complex Regulatory Requirements